On 29 August 1926, the Associazione Fiorentina del Calcio was born.

After a long period of troubled gestation, the “Creature” so desired by Marquis Ridolfi came to light who, determined to create a unique and strong team to represent the city of Florence in the growing Italian football scene, forced the two main rival city teams , the Club Sportivo Firenze and the Palestra Ginnastica Fiorentina Libertas, to join their forces to create a new single team.



As a small creature dressed in white and red, from the fusion of the colors of the two original companies, the newborn Fiorentina took her first uncertain steps that over time became more and more firm and decisive with the growth of the team that from 1929 chose the Viola as a color unique to represent Florence in football.


A beautiful and unique story, full of important pages, full of emotions, written every day with the commitment, often silent and hidden, of thousands of people who with their contribution have written every single line of a wonderful story that belongs to all of us.


The purpose of the Museo Fiorentina, which is a cultural-sporting institution, made up of historians, researchers and selected collectors of the history of football, which works in complete self-financing, is precisely to research, enhance and transmit the history of the purple team to the new generation which proudly represents Florence and its values ​​around the world.


This new website, is the result of two years of work, is a means able to show visitors from all over the world the history of our Fiorentina, through the stories, the testimonies of the protagonists, the historical documents, the memorabilia that accompanied the exploits of our players.


The history of Fiorentina is a heritage that belongs to all sportsmen and all the volunteers of the Museo Fiorentina have been working for years to restore it to the splendor it deserves.


Happy viewing everyone!


David Bini


Museo Fiorentina

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